Stray dogs in thailand find shelter in folding structures made from repurposed billboards

shelter stray dogs

HELPING THE STRAY DOGS OF THAILAND  In a 2023 survey by the Thai Department of Livestock Development, it was found that out of Thailand’s total dog population of 6.7 million, 750,000 were strays—a number that continues to rise. Bangkok alone harbors an estimated 100,000 to 300,000 street dogs. These animals, devoid of care and struggling … Read more

Police dog risked his life to save officer: ‘Even as Finn lay bleeding, he licked the wound on my hand’

PC Dave Wardell is the driving force behind Finn’s Law – a new bill which aims to make attacking a service animal a specific criminal offence. His dog Finn saved Dave’s life when he was stabbed during an altercation with a suspect. Finn was named Hero Animal Of The Year at The Mirror’s Animal Hero … Read more

With 90-inches of flowing brown locks, this real life Rapunzel has hair brushing the ground behind her

long hair

The woman, who describes herself as a “real-life Rapunzel,” says that taking care of her hair is her full-time work and that she makes a living by growing and showing off her hair. Alia Nasyrova, 33, has hair that reaches an amazing 90 inches in length. She claims it took her two decades to grow … Read more

King Charles Spotted at Sandringham Following Cancer Therapy, Revealing Heartbreaking Reality

In a striking display of resilience, King Charles recently made a triumphant return to the Sandringham estate, completing a 150-mile journey from London where he had been undergoing cancer treatment. This return, following a brief visit to the capital, underscores the King’s unwavering dedication to both his health and his royal responsibilities. Embarking on this … Read more

Taylor Swift’s Epic Eras Tour Sweeps Japan: Will Taylor Swift Surprise Fans at the Super Bowl?

The buzz surrounding Taylor Swift reached a crescendo in Asia this week, drawing fans from across the continent to Japan for the latest leg of her Eras Tour. Meanwhile, anticipation mounts at home for her to return to the U.S. in time to support her boyfriend Travis Kelce at the Super Bowl on Sunday. Tokyo, … Read more

Understanding the causes of Fungal Skin Infections and Natural Remedies for Healing


Understanding the Root Causes of Fungal Infections fungal infections, while so very common, can disrupt daily life and cause a great deal of discomfort. Understanding the underlying causes can be quite helpful in prevention and even treatment. In this here article, we dig real deep into the primary factors that just contribute to fungal infections … Read more